Concrete Circus runs a system of certificates for many of the hand/eye and balance skills. These certificates are awarded to students who have accomplished a set series of tasks. The system is designed to progressively add difficulty to the students learning of the skills but it is not compulsory. The student may choose to develop skills in their own manner. This will generally be more specific than the certificate system which is designed for the student to explore the breadth of techniques in a skill rather than a limited focus.

Each level is progressively harder than previous levels and this progression is not linear. It is for example easier to go from level one to level two than it is to go from level two to level three. At time of writing only two students have reached a level five in a particular skill (different skills) and those students have been with Concrete Circus for years. Level One demonstrates that the student can do the minimum skills that are necessary to be able to say they can use that equipment. For example on level one juggling they need to be able to juggle balls for seven throws and catches.

For all balance skills students need to have level one before they can use the equipment unsupervised.