Level One

a) Make diabolo spin and correct for tipping and turning
b) Throw and catch the diabolo
c) Perform 5 trampoline bounces
d) Perform one over-the-leg throw
e) Swing the diabolo into a ‘stop-over’

Level Two

a) Perform 10 continuous ‘over-the-leg’ throws
b) One ‘over-the-arm’ throw
c) Cat’s Cradle (easy method)
d) Reverse catch and cross-arm throw out
e) Stick grind for 3 second (best hand)
f) Round-the-world pirouette version
g) Round-the-world with sticks crossed and uncrossed

Level Three

a) Demonstrate a trick based on reverse catch
b) Show three stick grind variations
c) Show one knot and release trick
d) Perform a whip catch
e) Pass two diabolos between 2 people, 3 times without dropping
f) Show one type of ‘suicide’ trick
g) Demonstrate one ‘around the arm(s)’ trick

Level Four

a) Run two diabolos for at least 20 rotations
b) Do a sequence of at least 5 around the leg tricks
c) Do a sequence of at least 5 around the arm tricks
d) Perform a duicide or a suicide from an around the body trick
e) Create a sequence of 30 different diabolo tricks to include a pirouette throw, round the world, knot & release, stick grind and a finish trick.
The sequence should be listed on paper first and then performed without drops.