Juggling (all levels copyright Concrete Circus 2017)

Level 1

a) Juggle 3 balls for 7 throws and catches in cascade

Level 2 (each trick needs to be shown for 7 throws)

a) One two ball in one hand trick (e.g. columns or yo-yo)
b) One body bounce (e.g. elbow, knee, foot)
c) One body catch and return to pattern (e.g. elbow)
d) One cascade variant (e.g. half shower, reverse cascade)
e) One distorted cascade (e.g. under leg or above head)

Level 3 (each trick must be controlled min. 20 throws)

a) Shower with 3 balls
b) Three ring cascade
c) Three club cascade
d) A linked sequence of 5 tricks
e) The windmill in both directions
f) Placing/eating the ball
g) Four ball fountain

Level 4 (each trick must be a min. 20 throws)

a)Passing with 6 balls, 4 count
b) Mills Mess
c) 3 shower tricks
d) 5 linked tricks with 4 balls
e) 5 tricks with clubs
f) 5 tricks with rings
g) 3 ball start
h) 3 different objects
i) steal 3 balls from another juggler in 3 different ways

Level 5

a) Be able to pass with 6 clubs in 4 count for 20 throws and demonstrate at least four passing tricks.
b) Be able to juggle 5 balls for 20 throws
c) Develop a two minute ball routine where no trick is repeated more than 3 times (including cascade)
d) Develop an innovative use of non-standard juggling props. This doesn't just mean juggling with e.g. shoes but rather develop a series of tricks with a prop that are suggested by the nature of the prop.
e) learn to balance an object whilst juggling or juggle with a head bounce or juggle whilst idling on a unicycle or juggle whilst balancing on a tightrope (minimum 20 throws)